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I feel like we are experiencing our first ever “summer break” as a family. Our days our filled with surf camp, lots of sunscreen, acai bowls and local friends. The Hawaiian Islands are still very empty, so we are trying to explore the areas that are typically very crowded with tourists. Most of all, we’re just trying our best to be strong and optimistic for our kids and make the most of this unique time together.

A thought that Garrett and I have been discussing together is, “Before we wish for things to go back to normal, make sure normal is something that we want back.” Not promoting one way or the other, but we think its a healthy exercise to think back to the “normal days” and ponder how we might be different/better moving forward. 

Webinar – Our Top Travel Suggestions

I’m excited to share this month’s video with you. We have a fun conversation about travel destinations, BEST/WORST. We touch on different modes of travel, the PROS/CONS, and our suggested destinations for honeymoon, family reunions, friends trips, and more! 

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Printable – Korea

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