Hi Friends!

Summer is here!! (For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere;)

I hope you are all well. I can hardly believe the year it’s been so far. I think we all need a giant group FAMILY HUG!

If you need a little hope for the world, check out the comments section of our last post.  This Bucket List community never ceases to amaze us.  Your kindness, acceptance and love for different people, cultures and races is incredibly inspiring. So to you, THANK YOU. THANK YOU for being the voice of love that this world needs.

As for us, we’re taking everything day by day.  As of today, Hawaii has really started to open up. We’ve been enjoying parts of our island that are usually covered in tourists. I don’t think we’ll ever have such an empty island again, so we are trying to take advantage.

Anyone going on some summer travels? Still trying decide what is safe and appropriate given the circumstances.  We do hope to spend a few weeks on the mainland visiting family.. but we will see.. again, taking it day by day!

Webinar – Travels lessons we’ve learned the hard way
In our webinar this month, we reminisced over some of our travels.  We share some of our travel (horror) stories and the mistakes we’ve made over the years.  So take note, and when we are all out traveling again, I hope they will come in handy!

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Click HERE to download our Father’s Day printable.  And HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the DADs out there!
Wishing you health, safety and above all kindness this month.
Much love,