Hi Friends!

It’s May! What a crazy time, eh?! Still in shock at what has happened to the world we live in. We haven’t gone out much in the last month, but when we do our grocery runs its very surreal.  I’m going above and beyond to be extra kind to strangers I see in my town in hopes that it will be reciprocated.
As for the family, we are doing very well. Calihan is learning so much, so quick and it’s so fun to hear him speak.  He is a boss baby. Manilla is a ninja. Just beware, he may be hiding in your closet ready to scare you at any time. Dorothy is a math wiz.  I just watched her bust out 3 worksheets of division and multiplication. She’s already passed my skill level. (If you know how to multiply fractions, I’d love to know).
WEBINAR – Behind The Scenes of our Trip Giveaways

This month we wanted to share some of the incredible, life-changing experiences and stories we’ve had gifting trips.

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PRINTABLE – Mother’s Day Activity
Click HERE to download a special Mother’s Day activity!
Big air hugs from Hawaii,