Hi Friends!

Happy October 🙂 It looks a little different than usual for us this year as I’m sure it does for many of you. The kids’ soccer season was cancelled for us, so we just started our own “team” with a bunch of the little kids in the neighborhood. Trying to make some lemonade out of lemons! It’s been quite fun though. 2 times a week, Garrett coaches all the neighborhood kids through some drills and then they play a game. At the very end, they play all the kids vs all the parents and we joke that whoever loses will go to be early that night. Happy to announce that the parents have lost every game thus far and joyfully gone to bed early. 😉

WEBINAR – 2020 : Best or Worst Year Ever??

This year has been one for the books, so for this month’s video Garrett and I sit down and talk about the good and the bad of 2020. I would love to know where you are at with all of this craziness!
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Last but not least, we are stoked to announce to our Bucket List Friends first, our next Bucket List Expedition! We are doing a safari in Tanzania in June 2021! It is one of our favorite places and experiences on the planet and we’re so excited to share this experience for you. We did this summer 2019 and we absolutely loved getting to know so many of you during long safari drives, chatting, laughing and of course, seeing the incredible wildlife of the Serengeti! We hope you will join us! CLICK HERE for details!
Big hugs from Hawaii,