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We started school a few weeks ago and it’s already proving to be an unconventional school year. Dorothy and Manilla had 3 days of in-person school and then shifted to distance learning. There’s a chance they will go back but for now it is out of our hands. I’m guessing we will be in and out of school depending on the number of cases on our island. Just want to give a huge hug to ALL parents and students out there navigating this crazy school year. 

Webinar – Fostering Motivation & Inspiration with Brooks Laich

This month, Garrett sits down with our dear friend, Brooks Laich.  These two buddies have a great conversation about cultivating motivation, optimization and inspiration in their lives. They’re truly 2 of the most motivated, driven, disciplined humans I know. Hope you enjoy and find it super valuable.

In the video, they chat about Brook’s new online community – World Playground. World Playground launched this month and Brooks is hosting some insane giveaways including a trip to our favorite safari lodge – TAASA. Be sure to check it out!

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If you saw our last Sunday video, you saw baby Cali show off his amazing swimming skills! We’re excited that our special promotion this month is for Cressi swim goggles, snorkel and dive gear! We’ve used Cressi masks for years for ourselves and love them! I would say they are best in the world, especially for kids!

Printable – Czech Republic

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